Three social enterprises making an impact in Africa

Social Enterprise Certification
1 min readAug 6, 2021

Written by Lia Arrieta

  1. Three Avocados is based in Bullopa Uganda, a very remote and poor village. Their goal is to provide clean water in Uganda. 63 children die in Uganda each day from lack of clean water and oftentimes the closest water source is close to 4 miles walking distance. This organization aims to provide clean water so that children can go to school and get education rather than spending their day walking to a water source. “Anywhere between $0.50- $3.00 per bag goes to providing clean water.” Read more about Three Avocados on their website!
  2. Edna Inter-Arabe is based in Tunisia and is dedicated to the sustainable and inclusive development of vulnerable populations including Tunisian women and young adults living in disadvantaged backgrounds. This organization provides business development classes including financial literacy and entrepreneurship education.
  3. Easy Solar’s is based in Sierra Leone and their mission is to make energy, financial services and life improving products affordable and accessible for all. They have been featured by Forbes Africa and BBC. They provide social power lighting and charging devices to people that have no electricity access.

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Social Enterprise Certification

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