Three social enterprises helping their community in Asia

Social Enterprise Certification
1 min readAug 6, 2021

Written by Lia Arrieta

  1. Evoware is a social enterprise in Indonesia that sells biodegradable cups made from seaweed with the goal of promoting sustainability and increase livelihood of seaweed farmers in Indonesia. These cups can even be eaten! The Ello Jello cups are vegan friendly and safe for the environment as well as your body. They come in 4 flavors/colors including lychee, orange, green tea, and original.
  2. Krakakoa is also based in Indonesia and their mission is to put their sustainability beliefs into action and change the way food production systems impact people and the planet. They grow local cacao beans sourced from small farms that practice sustainable farming methods and then make them into chocolate bars! Krakakoa has provided 1000 farmers with training in organic farming techniques, disease management, fermentation and conservation.
  3. Mutingunung is a social enterprise based in Bali that began in 2006 in an effort to provide more sustainable and brighter future for the Mutingunung community. They make handcrafted items including hammocks, batitk, lontar baskets, and bags and pouches. Their goal is to support the community in accessing healthcare and education and creating employment and economic opportunities. Profits they make a redirected into the community by creating more job opportunities in the local area.

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Social Enterprise Certification

The Social Enterprise Certification is the world’s first internationally-recognized certification for modern social enterprises (SEs).