Three social enterprises helping their communities in Latin America

Social Enterprise Certification
1 min readAug 6, 2021

Written by Lia Arrieta

  1. Ecofiltro is a social enterprise that sells water filters in order to solve the growing water crisis in Guatemala. So far 31,958 ecofiltros have been implemented into schools and they aim for giving 1 million families in rural areas of Guatemala access to clean water by 2025.
  2. Delicias de Alicia is based in Buenos Aires Argentina and is a vegetarian restaurant and the head chef Alicia Amende. The profits in the restaurants are reinvested into bringing in volunteers to run workshops to provide cooking lessons for children living in low-income communities. Her goal is to educate families on healthy eating in an affordable way.
  3. Shanantina is a social enterprise that works alongside indigenous communities to cultivate a nut that is native to the Peruvian amazon called sacha inchi. The seed has been used by indigenous people in Peru for 200 years. It can be added to meals for a healthy diet. This enterprise pays their workers 61% more than other distributors and provides technical training that allows them to grow high quality organic products.

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Social Enterprise Certification

The Social Enterprise Certification is the world’s first internationally-recognized certification for modern social enterprises (SEs).