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Another enterprise in the Social Enterprise Certification interview series is QXM which was founded by Dan Nativ.

Social Enterprise Certification
3 min readJun 14, 2021

Written by Lia Arrieta

Based in Argentina, Qxm Quien x mí is a social enterprise that provides a market base of services in which they function as a meeting point between clients and workers.

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How was this social enterprise started?

We started QXM in 2019 with the faithful conviction that we wanted to change the reality of more than 30 million people in LATAM. We focus first on Argentina, but we know that there is a huge population that remains informal and that is the impact that we know we are going to generate.

Why did you start your organization?

From a very young age I was told that I come to the world to bring solutions … something that I end up believing and owning. Simultaneously to this, I have always dedicated myself to education and my origins from a very low class made all these things mix and think about the best way to help the greatest number of people in the world.

Dan Natif (founder)

What benefits do you see from being social enterprise certified?

Being a marketplace in which services are sold, it is often understood that we have a commission model. our DNA is social, being able to reinforce it with seals and recognitions is fundamental for us.

What is your social mission?

Contribute to the reduction of unemployment, generating more and better job opportunities within a legal framework. As well as being able to provide access to credit and insurance to workers who are not in the system and who we accompany with training and certifications of hard and soft skills.

What makes your products special?

Our users find a free channel for hiring validated, certified and insured workers. At the same time, they have the possibility to pay in a financed and electronic way. Not only do workers have a new channel for acquiring clients, but they also find a nearby social company that cares about training and accompanying them for a better entry into the labor market.

Where do you sell your products?


What is a recent exciting success?

We are about to register the new version of the website in which we hope to achieve more than 75k monthly requests in Argentina, while we finish generating the alliances in Colombia and Mexico for our landing. We achieve all this with alliances with leaders of the national market!

Who are your biggest influences?

At the entrepreneur level Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Larry Page, among others. At the social level we are very aligned with the purposes of Muhamed Yunus and what he has done in the bank of the poor in India.

What other social enterprises do you admire?

There are so many! I would not like to name others because I know that I am going to forget some, but I do believe that the social “wave” is growing more and more every day and each new idea that I find is inspiring!

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Discipline always trumps intelligence. At Qxm we intend to reach the moon, and we are doing it step by step in a disciplined way



Social Enterprise Certification

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